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Christian Torralbo


Brand identity, Motion, Real, Video

Dealing with a non-conformist


Christian Torralbo is the professional brand I decided to create because of my new online portfolio, in order to group all the content that I have and I'll create from now on. Since this design, I have proved that the worst client in the entire world is oneself.

After a long brainstorming and initial sketches, I wanted to make the first letter of my name relevant, but subliminally including the first letter of my surname. Simplicity and geometric shapes were two things I had in mind from the very beginning.
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A folded logo


From that moment, I started my creativity process. After analysing lots of options and graphic structures, I got a previous design and I created all that involves the brand. Finally, the result is a very flexible design that can adapt pretty well to all kind of environments and also has a lot of potential in terms of animation. This 'folded effect' acts like a metaphor of a designer trying to turn the page and look for new possible solutions.

The wordmark is based on the monogram. In this case, letter 'R' has a different touch, reminding the diagonal to the one on the logo. The two versions of the logo can be used in the same way.