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Hello. I'm Christian.

Brand & Motion Designer

Hello. I'm Christian.


McLaren F1 MP4-31

3D, Concept, Video

World Cup 2018 Redesign

Concept, Illustration, Redesign

Protegido: Adobe Brand Unification

App / Web, Brand indentity, Concept, Redesign

Avenir Specimen

Motion, Real, Video

Protegido: Norwich City Redesign

Brand indentity, Concept, Redesign

Hitblock Game

Concept, Games, Real, Video

Johnston Typeface

3D, Concept, Video

BAU Design Forum

3D, Real, Video

Protegido: Formula Brand Unification

Brand indentity, Concept, Redesign

Suzuki Redesign

Brand indentity, Concept, Redesign

Protegido: E3 Videogame Event

App / Web, Brand indentity, Concept

Protegido: DRIDES Bikes

Brand indentity, Concept

Bringing ideas to life

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