Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included on a project depends on the needs of the client and its budget. All the process of the creation of a logo is shown to the client through presentations. Those presentations are designed so the client can see every step of the process, from the research and analysis to the development of the design routes. Depending on what the client and I agreed before starting the project (deadline, amount of revisions, more or less complex presentations…) the material during the process can vary.

The amount of final designs is also agreed once accepted the project and the price. Some clients need only a coloured version of the logo, some other need all variations (vertical & horizontal version, light & dark background…) and all possible formats (jpg, png, svg…). They can also ask for cool images to show how the brand works on real environment, animations and many more.

So, the answer is: it depends. You can contact me either for further information here or for a quote in case you know what you need.

Apart from branding or 2D animations, I’ve done many other design projects: web design, 3D models, video edition, digital illustrations… So if you have any design project in mind and you like my work, feel free to contact me via email here (best option) or message me on my social media.

If you are interested in having me working on your company or agency, you can send me an e-mail to design@christiantorralbo,com with the information and we will discuss it. I can send you also my CV if needed more specific information about me.

The short answer is: No. The long answer might have some exceptions. A logo needs time for researching, for development and for designing and refinement. And time costs money.

So I can’t accept such low price for a logo out of respect for my job and principles. However, feel free to contact me here for further information.

It depends on what you need to be included on the project: how many revisions do you need, how many designed routes for a logo do you want to see (there is a minimum and maximum amount of routes), when you need the project to be finished, if you want presentations (recommended) or you ask for a more close interaction instead of a formal presentation…

You can check the first question of this FAQ to understand more how does it work, In case you need more information of my design process feel free to contact me here and ask for a quote.

Yes, we can speak and work together in english.

Sí, podemos hablar y trabajar juntos en castellano.

Si, podem parlar i treballar junts en català.

Ja, wir können auf Deutsch sprechen und zusammenarbeiten.

You can send me and email to , or fill the contact form that you find on the at the end of the homepage.

Alternatively, you can send me a message on any of my social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn) but I’m not that active there.