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Adobe Brand Unification


Adobe is one of the most important software companies, and some of their programs are really popular all around the world, like Photoshop or Illustrator. As a designer, I've been working with their programs since the very beginning and lately I've been watching some inconcistencies between designs of their programs. It's seems there's a lack of unification and it drives me crazy when I see that the color ecosystem, shapes, etc., doesn't follow any rule.



After few years, Adobe noticed it. 

This is the reason why I wanted to create a system that works and have a reason why when applying the colors depending of the utility of each program and, most important, using the same code for the exterior shape to create an harmony between all of them. Basically I wanted to solve what I think it looks off and bad executed.  


Luckily for the Adobe users, they recently noticed the mess they had and decided to unificate all their logo designs around 2020.

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