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Formula Brand Unification


Formula 1 is the most prestigious category in Motorsport. And the way to arrive to F1 for most cases is starting from F4, racing in F3 and mastering on F2 (All these categories are organized by FIA). Few years ago Formula One decided to make a step forward in terms of design and changed drastically their look to a more modern, flexible and solid one.



Formula Innovation. 

Formula 1 is the vanguard of the innovation in technology but also in the design sector. But there is something that bothers me a bit: Why don't they unificate their Formula brand? Why Formula One look is different than F2?


The answer might be that there's only one F1 and nothing can be similar. But the thing is that except for the logo, the overlays during F2 / F3 races, the  typography and many other elements are the exact same. That made me think about a possible solution for the logos of F2, F3 and F4 categories, shown in this page. Design is about solving problems, isn't it?