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Hitblock Game


Hitblock is an easy but entertaining videogame for all ages, developed with Unreal Engine 4. This game is about memory, in which luck, strategy and skills have a relevant role in it. The design of each level is one of the most important part while creating a game with such characteristics, in order to optimize the learning curve.

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Learning while playing


When starting the first level the player hasn't any help about how it even works nor the objetive of the game, so you need to try out the controls through the first levels as a tutorial. We have an example just at the beginning of the game. The square hits the block and makes it disappear, getting trapped in a 1x1 hole.

At that moment, the player understands the three main characteristics: there are solid blocks, destructible blocks and you have the ability of jumping so that you can leave that hole. Later on the player experiences in the same way the other mechanics such as bomb blocks or 'easter egg' blocks.

A game for different ages


This game has been tested by a large range of people, from kids to elderly people. The feedback received from the testers is quite impressive. Each level make them train their memory, as well as think about possible strategies to avoid those bombs. The controls are very intuitive and easy to understand for most people.

Furthermore, there's included a challenge level with endless blocks, where the player have to reach the deepest row possible. Players need to squeeze your brain in order to get a good result!

Although the game is designed for smartphones and tablets, at the moment it is not available on online platforms.